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Star Trek Icons
1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.

Please comment with what you took.  Credit is appreciated but not necessary.

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not taking any because of a very irritating iconlimit, but these are really pretty. :D I kinda laughed when I saw the "youwillbethedeathofme" one. <3

Yes I hate that durned icon limit. But thank you!

oooooooooh, I really like the who's kidding who one. nicely done >D

Waaa...LIAR...LIAR!!! hahaha
Spock is sooooo strong!

Whoa, these are niiice!

Hmm, well, I'll have to get rid of some of my less used icons - they're taking up my icon space damnit.. so, when I have done that, I shall most probably use #2 or #5, though I have to admit, I am particularly fond of #4! *-*

Will credit, of course :) Again, neat job! <3

I love them all but I'm gonna bum #2 off you. And I'll put credit on the site I use it on. You deserve it. God knows I couldn't have made these :)

Hey, these are awesome!I'm grabbing number 6. Thanks!

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