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Bruises, Star Trek XI, Kirk/Bones
Title: Bruises
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Pairing: Kirk/Bones if you squint.
Rating: PG-16
Warnings: Creepiness...?
Summary: Prompt - "Kirk/McCoy, post-Nero incident. After the hell of a day he's had, Kirk needs someone to patch him all up and take care of his neck and half the other injuries he's been running around like a crazy person with. Bones is there to help. :)

It'd be great if Kirk could tell him about the mindmeld and the reason for why he had to emotionally compromise Spock and everything -- I just want to see that interaction between them."


It wasn't easy being captain. Sometimes one had to overlook less important matters and focus on bigger things--like saving a superior officer, and fighting Romulans, and making sure a certain Vulcan didn't unknowingly kill everyone with his logic. Sometimes the less important matters could turn into big matters, or so Bones insisted.

"You're going to get yourself killed, Jim. And what am I going to do without you? Go back to following that pointy-eared bastard's orders? No, way, man. No way."

They were in med bay, Jim sitting on the side of one of the beds and Bones leaning over him. "Okay," said Bones. "Turn around and lift up the back of your shirt."

Jim rolled his eyes. "Really, Bones."

"Yes, really. For one, that Vulcan got you in the back with a couple of his punches or with whatever he was throwing you into, and don't try to deny he's got near super-strength."

Jim sighed, turned, obeyed the doctor. When Bones dug a thumb into one of Jim's bruises, Jim winced.

"No permanent damage. How's the pain?"

"Well it's--it's manageable." Jim looked over the back of his shoulder. "If you're asking me if I want another shot in the neck, the answer's no."

Bones chuckled. "Okay, turn around and let me see your stomach."

Jim obeyed. The bruises on his stomach were a bit worse, as all the fighting he'd done in the past day or two involved several fists to his front. Jim wasn't sure he liked Bones at this angle, running his hands along Jim's stomach and pressing in on all the bruises. He winced several times, flexed his stomach muscles this way and that to get away from them. But when Bones' fingers stilled, Jim found himself leaning forward, wanting to feel the pressure again.


"Uh...sorry, I think I was dozing off a bit there."

"I'm not surprised. You need to rest. But first, I need to see those shoulders."

Jim sighed, took off his shirt all the way. He gritted his teeth in preparation for the pain, as several of the hits to his shoulders had nearly or actually broken the skin. Bones was gentle, wetting cotton ball after cotton ball in alcohol and dabbing Jim's wounds. But it still hurt like hell. When Bones reached a particularly ghastly wound where Jim's neck met his shoulder, Jim instinctively gripped Bones' shoulder; his mouth fell open, and he stifled a moan.

"Dammit, Bones."

"I'm sorry, Jim, but it's necessary."

They were very close now, and when Bones tried to push Jim away, Jim only glared. "Just clean my fucking face, okay?"

Bones sighed, rolled his eyes, but he made no further protest as he dabbed at Jim's face wounds, most notibly the one just below his left eye. The alcohol stung the sensative skin so much that Jim actually let out a small shout. In a pained daze, he leaned even closer to his friend. "Goddammit, I can't take much more of this right now."

"You should've let me look at these wounds hours ago. Several hours ago. It wouldn't hurt so bad if they weren't so infected."

Jim glared. "I didn't have time for that. I had to learn to captain a ship in five minutes. I had to get in like three fights with certifiably crazy people. I had to willingly engage a Vulcan, for Christ's sake."

Bones smiled. "As entertaining as you and Spock were on the bridge, what was that all about, anyhow?"

Jim sighed. "Well...I kind of met Spock from the future."

Bones halted the cleaning of Jim's wounds and simply stared. "Okay," he said. "Let's go with that. You met Spock from the future. And?"

"He told me that I was supposed to be captain so I could stop Spock from getting us all killed. And the only way to do that was to emotionally compromise him."

"Hm..." Bones wet a clean cotton ball and cleaned the same face wound some more. It hurt a little less this time. Bones said, "I see." And after a few moments, he started to laugh. "Spock from the future, huh? Was he less of an asshole?"

Jim smiled. "Yeah, actually. And you know what else he said? He said that Spock and I are gonna be friends."

At this Bones burst out into more violent laughter, and his hand jerked a bit against Jim's face wound.

"Come on!"

"Sorry, it's just--" More laughter.

"Hey, Spock's not so bad, you know. He was a real asset on that Romulan ship."

"Yeah, I bet. I bet he was, Jim."

Jim felt himself get irritable all of a sudden. "Can we stop this medical stuff for the day? I'm too tired to have to you touching me all over." Bones looked at him like he was crazy. "I'm not explaining that, Bones. I'm just not."

Bones looked as if he was trying not to smile. He shoved two pills into Jim's hand. "Take these. They'll help you sleep." He patted Jim gently on the shoulder that looked least wounded. "You just go to sleep. Uh...yeah."

And with that Jim was putting his shirt back on and exiting med bay. Bones stared off into the distance for a moment, shook his head, and resumed his duties.

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I love this. The only way I can express just how much I love this. :DDD

Re: I love this. The only way I can express just how much I love this. :DDD


I'm so happy! This is only my second fic in the fandom, and I didn't exactly have them make out or anything, so I'm glad!


well while roaming around your spider-man stuff, i saw that you also liked star trek >.>

very much love goes out to the post narada and kirk/bones. adorable, hurt jim is adorable. :D totally sympathizing with Jim on the alcohol though, that face cut looked downright nasty.

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