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Newish Star Trek Reboot RPG needs Janice Rand, Christopher Pike.  Accepting OCs and any other character you can adapt to the reboot universe.

We're just now starting our first mission, and several characters are still available for shipping, etc.  Easy application process, AIM chatroom, and several very active and creative members.  Please consider joining our increasingly close-knit group!

Main comm: [info]enterpriserpg 
OOC comm: [info]entrpg_ooc

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I would like to join your group but after reading some of the post I noticed that although Uhura is taken they have yet to post. Is there something I can do to take over the character? I think this would be lots of fun but am not sure as the direction the Spock and Uhura characters are going on some of these. Is this based off of the movie XI or is this more slash?

Thank you.


I don't know where the person who plays Uhura has gone, but she has been very active on AIM, so I need to talk to her about this first. However, I will point out that Janice Rand is still available.

Let me do some research on Janice. There are a few TOS I need to watch to get the feel for her. I think she had a romantic relationship with Kirk so that maybe fun.

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