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Blasphemy and Genocide - Luke/Sylar - Heroes
Medium: TV Shows
Fandom: Heroes
Title: Blasphemy and Genocide
Warnings: Some slightly disturbing and/or anti-religious lyrics ("Geronimo", "East Jesus Nowhere")
Notes: Features Phantom Planet, Green Day, Rob Thomas, The Bravery, The Pink Spiders, and more. Songs are meant to be in chronological order according to how I perceive their relationship.
wikisend.com/download/514682/ (please let me know if this doesn't work for you)



1. "Easy Way Out" - The Pink Spiders
POV: Luke

I'm just another substance abuser, but baby I'm the future
And I know there's no easy way out
I've got nothing but problems and habits
Shifting through the static
But baby there's no easy way out

So are you cunning now?

2. "Wonderful" - Rob Thomas

POV: Sylar

Look at me, I'm made of wonderful, wonderful
I'm all easy breath and steady walk, steady walkin'
But underneath I'm barely movin', no
It's like I'm nothing
All the ways they had to make me
Smile and then they go and break me

Wait, I think I feel like hell
Though I can't be myself
And I can't be nobody else but if I could
Would you love me then? x3

Look at me, I'm made of wonderful, it's terrible
I'm all easy come and easy go
As far as you know
But underneath, man, I'm just killin' time
I guess I'm past my prime
And now I'm overrated,
Overdressed, and overstated

3. "Secret Song" - The Pink Spiders
POV: Luke

If you're alone and
I'm alone
Let's be alone together

'Cause baby I know
This world has got you
Shaking in your shoes

4. "Murder City" - Green Day
POV: Luke and Sylar

But not hopeless
I feel so useless
In the murder city
But not helpless
The clock strikes midnight
In the murder city

I'm wide awake
After the riot
This demonstration
Of our anguish
This empty laughter
Has no reason
Like a bottle
Of your favorite poison

We are the last call
And we're so pathetic

5. "Same Blood" - The Academy Is...
POV: Luke

Like a cold day in August
I was not prepared for this
You think that nobody noticed
The way that you still care about it

By all the people we need to love and hate
Everybody makes the same mistakes
Divided by these walls
Together we are lost

We are the same blood

You remind me of August
The way that I still care about
All the things that you promised
When I was still around
Pick you up and drive you down

We are the same blood

6. "East Jesus Nowhere" - Green Day
POV: Sylar

Raise your hands now to testify
Your confession will be crucified
You're a sacrificial suicide
You're the soldiers of the new world


Oh bless me lord for I have sinned
It's been a lifetime since I last confessed
I threw my crutches in "The river
Of a shadow of doubt"
And I'll be dressed in my Sunday best


Don't test me
Second guess me
Protest me
You will disappear

I want to know who's allowed to breed
All the dogs who never learned to read
Missionary politicians
And the cops of a new religion

A fire burns today
Of blasphemy and genocide
The sirens of decay
Will infiltrate the inside

7. "Geronimo" - Phantom Planet
POV: Luke

Just one touch
That's enough
And it's like pushing comes to shove
I think you like this way too much
I think you're way fucked up

Four hands fight
Two hands tied
One wrong never felt so right
You don't want to make me blush
You want me unconscious

I scream bloody murder
Why don't you call me something dirtier?
Never thought this harmless crush
Could be so dangerous

Trading looks
Back and forth
You just make me want it more
I know soon we'll be trading blows
Getting on all fours and tearing off clothes

8. "Hospital Bed Crawl" - The Hush Sound
POV: Sylar

In the back seat of a car
In the corner of a room
In the shadows where I hide, from you

Do the hospital bed crawl
And the terminal yell
And we’re finally alone, I feel

Well, hey, you’re the only thing I wouldn’t change
In this place, it’s strange to say
You’re the only angel I ever gave away

9. "Hand Me Down" - Matchbox 20
POV: Sylar

Someday they'll find your small town world on a big town avenue
Gonna make you like the way they talk when they're talking to you
Gonna make you break out of the shell 'cause they tell you to
Gonna make you like the way they lie better than the truth
They'll tell you everything you wanted someone else to say
They're gonna break your heart, yeah

From what I've seen
You're just one more hand me down
'Cause no one's tried to give you what you need
So lay all your troubles down
I am with you now

Somebody ought to take you in
Try to make you love again
Try to make you like the way they feel
When they're under your skin
Never once did ya think they'd lie when they're holding you
You wonder why they haven't called
When they said they'd call you
You start to wonder if you're ever gonna make it by
You'll start to think you were born blind


I'm here for the hard times
The straight to your heart times
Whenever it ain't easy
You can stand up against me
And maybe rely on me
And cry on me, yeah
Oh no, no, no

10. "This Is Not The End" - The Bravery
POV: Luke

Tell me
Come on tell me what you can
Even as you wait for death you're wiser than I am
Tell me what does it mean to exist
I am not a scientist I must believe in more than this
And I can not accept
That everything that's real
Is only what our eyes can see
And our hands can feel

Not even earth can hold us
Not even life controls us
Not even the ground can keep us down
The memories in my head
Are just as real the time we spent
You'll always be close to me
My friend
This is not the end

I see
I can see you're so afraid
You wear it like a silver hood
On you, even fear looks good
I wish, I wish I had some words to give
But all that I can think to say
Is I'll be with you everyday

Not even earth can hold us
Not even life controls us
Not even the ground can keep us down
The memories in my head
Are just as real the time we spent
You'll always be close to me
My friend
This is not the end

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<3 for the Matchbox Twenty. :3

Yeah, I've rediscovered them lately. Thanks for the comment :).

I've never heard of some of those bands, I love listening to new music! Thank you :)

Thank you! And you're welcome!

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