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Bruises, Star Trek XI, Kirk/Bones
Title: Bruises
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Pairing: Kirk/Bones if you squint.
Rating: PG-16
Warnings: Creepiness...?
Summary: Prompt - "Kirk/McCoy, post-Nero incident. After the hell of a day he's had, Kirk needs someone to patch him all up and take care of his neck and half the other injuries he's been running around like a crazy person with. Bones is there to help. :)

It'd be great if Kirk could tell him about the mindmeld and the reason for why he had to emotionally compromise Spock and everything -- I just want to see that interaction between them."


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Newish Star Trek Reboot RPG needs Janice Rand, Christopher Pike.  Accepting OCs and any other character you can adapt to the reboot universe.

We're just now starting our first mission, and several characters are still available for shipping, etc.  Easy application process, AIM chatroom, and several very active and creative members.  Please consider joining our increasingly close-knit group!

Main comm: [info]enterpriserpg 
OOC comm: [info]entrpg_ooc

Thoughts - Luke/Sylar - R
Title: Thoughts
Author: subplotter 
Pairing: Luke/Sylar (one-sided?)
Rating: R
Warnings: Masturbation, asphyxiation kink, daddy issues
Word Count: 563
Summary: Sometimes Luke thinks too much, and sometimes he can't think at all.

Blasphemy and Genocide - Luke/Sylar - Heroes
Medium: TV Shows
Fandom: Heroes
Title: Blasphemy and Genocide
Warnings: Some slightly disturbing and/or anti-religious lyrics ("Geronimo", "East Jesus Nowhere")
Notes: Features Phantom Planet, Green Day, Rob Thomas, The Bravery, The Pink Spiders, and more. Songs are meant to be in chronological order according to how I perceive their relationship.
wikisend.com/download/514682/ (please let me know if this doesn't work for you)


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Heroes "Homecoming" Icons
These are all from the episode "Homecoming" from Season 1. Enjoy! Credit appreciated but not required. Comment with what you take if you do, though! XD



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Credits: screencaps.org, sxc.hu

Gigantic Icon Post Part 3
I said it was gigantic, didn't I?


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Gigantic Icon Post Part 2
Welcome to Part 2 of all the icons I've ever made and not gotten rid of. Yay.


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Gigantic Icon Post Part 1
This is the first part of a gigantic icon post of all the icons I've kept on my website. That website is about to expire, so I thought I'd post them all here.


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Follow the LJ cuts! :P

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Star Trek Icons
1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.

Please comment with what you took.  Credit is appreciated but not necessary.

Pieces; Star Trek
Fandom: Star Trek (2009)
Title: Pieces
Pairing: Spock/Kirk
Rating: R
Summary: Set in the middle of the new Star Trek movie after Spock and Kirk have fought.
Disclaimer: Don't own nothin'.

    Kirk had almost enjoyed seeing Spock lose it.  So he had needed to break the Vulcan to further his own destiny, to further both their destinies, but that didn't stop him from finding some animal pleasure in the whole thing.  And when he found a moment--just a little moment amidst all this business of being captain during a crisis--he went in search of Spock and found him in solitude.
    Spock balled his fists upon hearing Kirk enter the empty corridor.  "What do you want," he said, his voice even despite his recent display of emotion.
    "I'm not sure."  Kirk leaned against the smooth, clean plastic wall; it was cold on the surface just like Spock.
    "Well I don't wish to speak with you presently.  I wish to be alone."
    Kirk smiled.  "Come on, Spock.  Look at me at least?"
    The Vulcan turned, keeping his face stony.  Kirk hated that stony face, keeping so cool when he could only shout.  He felt that Spock was selfish, banishing Kirk to a worthless planet to further his own goals.  Making Spock feel was only revenge.  He wanted to see that face break to pieces once again.
    Spock locked eyes with Kirk.  "I can see everything behind your eyes," he said.  "I can see that you are planning something, but I do not wish to be part of your illogical games.  Please leave."
    "No," said Kirk, taking a step closer.
    Spock only exhaled.  "I do not like you," he said.
    "That's emotional in itself, isn't it?"
    "You want to feel, don't you, Spock?  You like to feel."
    "I always feel.  But I do not like to show it.  I do not like to lose control."
    "Trust me," said Kirk, his eyes moving down to Spock's chest, fixating on the paleness of Spock's wrist.  "It feels good."
    "Your voice has gone lower.  Your voice is exhibiting the signs of..."
    "The signs of what?"
    "I--I do not wish to say.  I feel...uncomfortable."
    "You feel."  He reached his hand out slowly, but not so slowly that Spock didn't see it move.  The Vulcan did not protest until Kirk's fingertips touched the skin of his wrist.  "Cold," said Kirk.
    Spock pulled his wrist away, took a step backward.  But Kirk closed the distance once again, wrapped his fingers around Spock's wrist more tightly this time.  The Vulcan pulled away until his back hit the wall, but Kirk did not let go.  "I don't understand what Uhura sees in you," said Kirk.  "Someone so cold, so lifeless under her hands..."
    "I am not lifeless.  But I will not lose control.  I will be strong for her."
    "Not strong, Spock.  Cold."
    "Not cold!"  Spock seemed to realize he'd yelled.  He focused his eyes on something past Kirk, tightened his body.  "What is the purpose of your touching me."
    Kirk slid his gripping fingers further up Spock's arm, squeezing him hard.  "I guess it's just that...when I have an urge, I surrender to it."
    Spock's lips parted.  Kirk watched his chest move up and down with the struggle of keeping still.  But Spock couldn't control his breathing, and his eyes moved back to Kirk's.  "Do what you wish," he said.  "I will not stop you."
    Kirk bit his lip.  He didn't know what to do.  He only knew that Spock was on the brink of losing it altogether, and here he was, asking Kirk to make him lose it.  He moved his other hand up to Spock's face, pressed his thumb to Spock's bottom lip and dragged it down. 
    "Please, Kirk."
    "Please what?"
    "I feel...building.  I feel that if you were to leave, I..."
    "What?  What would my leaving do to you, Spock?"  He moved his face closer to Spock's; their noses touched only slightly.  Kirk could feel Spock's breath against his own mouth.
    "Perhaps the level of oxygen in my system has gone too high."
    "Don't get logical."
    "Uhura would be furious with me.  She is not so good at keeping control.  It is her predisposition to be angry--"
    When Kirk first touched his lips to Spock's, the Vulcan didn't respond.  His face had gone stony again in his worry.  But then Spock's hand was in Kirk's hair, and Spock's lips were parting once again, this time to admit Kirk's tongue.
    Kirk thought his tongue must be very hot in Spock's mouth--cool lips, cool tongue.  The hand in his hair had only moments ago been strangling him.  And then Kirk wasn't thinking.  He was pressing his body against Spock's, pressing their groins together so that Spock emitted a soft moan.  "Louder," whispered Kirk, the same moment he pulled back and thrusted forward.
    Spock cried out, used his grip in Kirk's hair to guide Kirk's lips to his own neck.  Kirk bit down, thrusted, sucked, thrusted.  And then Spock's body was getting tense, growing tenser, tenser.  He grew still, stopped responding.
    Kirk pressed his lips sloppily against Spock's ear.  "What is it.  What is it that's stopping you."
    "Please, Spock.  I'm building too.  I need you."
    "You are not my mate.  You are not Uhura."  Spock's face was stony, but Kirk could see him working to keep it that way.
    "Does Uhura make you feel this way?"
    "Not exactly like this.  But she is kind.  When my mother died, she pulled me into the elevator and let me feel."
    "I know you hate me.  But come on, Spock.  Let go.  Please."  Kirk began to bite and suck and thrust again, and Spock's body shook with his fighting it.  But then the shaking turned to thrusting back, and both men were moaning and grunting.  And when Spock's body stilled again, Kirk thought his "instinct" had taken control again. 
    But Spock threw his head back against the wall and emitted an extended cry.  He gripped and pressed down on Kirk's shoulders.  And Kirk thrusted one, two, three more times before both men grew limp and fell into each other.
    Kirk tried to kiss him.  He didn't know why.  Maybe he was trying to thank him.  But Spock only grew rigid and stood up straight.  "I must go," he said.  "And you must assume the position you have stolen from me."
    "Do not contact me for many moments, please."  And then he was gone.
    Kirk leaned against the wall of the now empty corridor and tried to put his face back together.


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